1000W Power Supply

This 1000W power supply is High efficiency and low operation temperature. Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effectively

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1000W power supply

Model : SCN-1000

1000W Single Output with Parallel Function SCN-1000 series


105℃ output capacitor

AC input power suitable for the world

This 1000W power supply is High efficiency and low operation temperature

Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effectively

It has With short -circuit and overload protection

It is Compact size, light weight.

100% full-load burning test

Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave

The warranty period is two years.


How to choose our power supply?

1. Single output

To determine the power after the output voltage is decided. The power range of our switching power supply is from 10W to 6000W, output voltage from 3V to 220V DC. If the requirement is 24V, 1A, we can choose S-25-24, and within cost range, retain 10% -20% of the power allowance.


The multi-output power supply has the main and secondary circuit output. The character of main circuit output is better than the secondary.To ensure the load regulation and so on, every circuit has to be with a certain load. If just using the second circuit, the main circuit has to be matched with corresponding dummy load (more than 0.5A or larger)

3.Before placing an order, please kindly confirm us the details below: Input voltage, Output voltage, Output current, Power,waterproof or not, special size or not, and other special requests.

4.When purchasing the power supply, the customer should know the operation environment, for example, temperature, humidity, altitude, etc.

Questions for our power supply?

1. When using your power supply, find the shell with voltage, is that normal?

Answer: That is normal. According to the EMI request, the input port and the shell are connected by a capacitor, which causes the voltage on the shell. It’s specified in the IEC standard that the leakage current is less than 3.5mA. It’s safe and won't cause any damage to people.

2. When needing 24V voltage, but only 12V power supply at hand, can this work to connect 2 pieces 12W power supply in series?

Answer: It’s workable. We can cut down the cost through that way sometimes.

3. Can use S-50W power supply as the charging power supply?

Answer: Yes. But in order to avoid battery feedback, please be advised use a series diode on the output, and pay attention to the diode heat dissipation.

4. Why the power supply fails to boot correctly?

Answer: When the load is electric, light bulbs or capacitive load, the instantaneous electric current is excessive when booting, it can cause overload protection. In this case, please choose the appropriate power or contact the manufacture factory.


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