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UPS Battery Power Supply
- Dec 14, 2018 -

        What is UPS power supply? The full name is "Uninterruptible Power System" or "Uninterruptible Power Supply". UPS power is mainly used in network monitoring, network systems, and medical systems. It can ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the power outage, so that the user can save the disk urgently and the user does not affect the work or lose data due to power outage.

Our Leyu company's UPS power supply products mainly have the following features:

1.    Small volume, low price, high efficiency

2.    Universal AC input for the world

3.    With short circuit, overload, over voltage and battery low protections

4.    100% full load burn-in test

5.    Small size and light weight

6.    LED indicator for power on

7.    With UL60950-1 approved Safety Standards

        Our company specializes in manufacturing various type UPS power products. We have type 35-60W,75W,120W,155W(PFC Function) etc.

        The output voltage of the power supply is usually 13.8V and 27.6V, of course, we can customize according to customer needs.

        If you are interested in our products, please visit our website or contact us directly. We will provide high-quality products and after-sales service.