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UPS Battery Charge Discharge Knowledge
- Feb 07, 2018 -


1, UPS floating charge, please use the charging voltage 2.275v/Single-cell (20 ℃ setting value), the fixed voltage charge or 0.002CA below the current for fixed current charging. Temperature has 0C or more than 40C, it is necessary to modify the charging voltage, with 20C as the starting point for each change at one time, the -3MV voltage change.

2, the cycle of charging, charging voltage to 2.40-2.50v/Single-cell (20 ℃ Set value), the fixed voltage and voltage charge. The temperature under 5C or more than 35 ℃ charge, with 20 ℃ as the starting point, each change once charge voltage adjustment -4mv/Single-cell.

3, the initial charge of the current control under 0.25CA.

4, charge quantity is set to discharge quantity of 100-120%, but ambient temperature is below 5C, set for 120-130%.

5, the lower the temperature (5C below) the longer the charge end time, the higher the temperature (35C above) the more prone to charge, so especially in the cycle, in the 5c~30c charge better.

6, to prevent the charging as much as possible to install the charging timer, or automatically converted into a trickle-type charging mode.

7, charge the battery temperature to be controlled in the range of -15c~+40c.

Ii. about Discharge

When discharging, please control the temperature of the battery in the range of -15℃-+50℃.

Continuous discharge current please control under 3CA (H control under 6CA).

The discharge termination voltage varies according to the current size, which is generally described below. Note that the voltage shall not be lower than the voltage below.

Please charge quickly after discharging. Please charge immediately after discharging.