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Power Comparison
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional linear power supply, switching power supply is the advantage of high efficiency (here the efficiency can be simply seen as the ratio of input power and output power), coupled with switching transistor working in the switch state, loss of small, low fever, do not require a very large volume/weight of the radiator, so small size, lighter weight. However, when switching power supply work, due to high frequency, the power grid and surrounding equipment will cause interference, therefore, we must properly deal with this problem.

The advantage of linear power supply is that the structure is relatively simple, the reliability is relatively high, the current ripple rate can be easily done relatively low, maintenance is more convenient.

In fact, the modern circuit, switching power supply circuit and linear power circuit in most cases, is a combination of the use of switching power supply for the initial transformation, to the ripple, precision requirements of the circuit use, at the same time, the use of low dropout linear power circuit (LDO) to obtain sophisticated, Low ripple (noise) voltage is used for such as operational amplifiers (OP-AMP), Analog-to-digital converters (A/D accept).