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Multi Purpose Pure Sine Wave Inverter
- Jul 31, 2018 -

 Typhoon Jongdari is coming on these days.

  So it's heavy raining in YUEQING town.

  So many times the Typhoon come to YUEQING town every year, because the town faced the ocean, in the east of China mainland. The people here used to see the damage every time, and used to face the situation like no power, no clean water.

   By the way, YUEQING town is a electrial town, people here have produce more electrial model so many years, people produce them, also use them, they used the model they pruduce themselves, like switching power supply, solar inverter, ect.

   And the solar inverter is selling well now, for town people ,also for the world people, like Puerto Rico, they need more power inverter for using in their life after Typhoon recently years.

   Compare with modify sine wave inverter, the pure sine wave inverter is more useful, because the pure sine wave inverter can be used for inductive load, and so many home devices  is belong to inductive load.

   Our modify sine wave inverter is cheap model, but the pure sine wave inverter is a little expensive than modify sine wave inverter,also because of its good quality and multi purpose.

   Multi purpose pure sine wave inverter is more produced in YUEQING town. The town people help so many peoples around the world today, the countries closed to China, all purchase the model from this town.

   YUEQING town faced Typhoon every year, but they are optimistic, they used more helpful technology to live between the Typhoon time.