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Meanwell Regular Product LRS Promotion This Month
- Aug 14, 2018 -

LRS series switching power supply is popular used in LED and other industrial project.

Meanwell LRS is good quality, and so popular sold arround the world,now this is LRS promotion month,we are busy for arrange the goods for our clients.

Actually, our LEYU company is not only agent of Meanwell, we are also manufactory, we offer our LEYU brand LRS series switching power supply, so in the same time, our LEYU brand LRS is also popular in the world ,actually, we sold more LEYU now, because it's good quality like Meanwell ,but more cheaper than Meanwell.

More and more people know LEYU like they known Meanwell ,and they have compaired this two brands.

Meanwell is very good, but LEYU is very popular now, because it's high quality but reasonable price, LEYU is more accepted by world people.

And this promotion month, the world people can learn more about LEYU ,through Meanwell product.

As long as they want to try ,no matter Meanwell or LEYU, we always offer our best.