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Little Case Waterproof Model LDV-30-12B
- Aug 07, 2018 -

This slim looking model is popular in using for LED now,and it's a good quality but reasonable price model.

LDV-30-12B is IP67 waterproof model, the metal case is stable for using the model outdoor, and the slim looking is good for installing, suitable for various of LED products, it's easy to install in every environment.

It's small watt is also an element of its popular, because more situations just require small power for LED.

We have produced this type model for 11 years experence,so we almost sure the model life time could be more longer than its 2 years warranty.

Actually we haven't received any after sales problem about this type model recently one year, because we have made it professional more and more now, so we can offer best service about this model.