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Differences Between Leyu Regular Power Supplies
- Jun 04, 2018 -

There are many models of regular power supply in Leyu company, such as LRS series, NES series, NET series, etc.. But how do you distinguish them respectively? Now let me introduce them to you!

But before the introduction, you should make clear the definition of S, D, T, and Q. As we all know that power supply has output, then, S, D, T and Q means different outputs. S is single output. D is dual outputs. T is triple outputs. Q is quad outputs.

S/D/T/Q series: These series are the oldest type power supplies with different outputs, low cost, LED indicator.

NES/NED/NET series: Compared with S/D/T/Q series, they will be lighter, smaller, with not only low cost, but high reliability as well. Famous Brand Mean Well has shut the production of NES, while we still manufacture this type of power supply. If you need them, please click the link to see the specification.

LRS series: This is the best selling product owing to its favorable price, thinner shell, smaller volume and lower power dissipation. It is the newest generation of power supply with high efficiency, long life and high reliability. Because of these features, LRS series has become new star in the field of single output power supply.

LLS series: If you want cheaper power supply, LLS series can be a good choice. This series is specially designed as economical model. But what you should notice is that its performance is not as good as NES or LRS. 

MS series: M means minumum. This kind of power supply is very tiny for special need.