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DC-DC Converter Switching Power Supply
- Dec 21, 2018 -

As we all know, the switching power supplies are divided into two types according to the current type, one type is common AC to DC, and the other is DC to DC. Today we focus on the DC to DC switching power supply, also called as DC-DC converter. DC-DC converter is a newly developed miniaturized power switch module that uses microelectronics technology to assemble small surface mount integrated circuits and microelectronic components. Its main functions are isolation, voltage conversion, noise reduction, protection and voltage regulation. It is widely used in electric drive systems, DC motor speed control and lighting.

We are specializing in designing and manufacturing many specifications of high reliability power supply, such as SD-60, SD-150, SD-350 Series. If you have a purchase of this type of product, please visit our website for more details. If our product specifications do not meet your requirements, please let us know and we will further improve our product quality and increase product type.

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