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Customized Model
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The dual output power supply, customized for Brazil TOPDATA, has almost completed.

Our engineer has made the board by himself, per client request, he choosed the most suitable components after discussed with the client several time, then spend 20 days to make it.

Now we are waiting for the model case ,and have took the picture of the board, then sent to the client in advance.

We promised, we will test the board at first, when the case have been done ,we will send the samples to the client as soon as possible.

And the total lead time is 30 days.

Thanks for the trust & support of TOPDATA, actually, the total thing is more easy to completed, because TOPDATA company had sent their entire samples, then we also talked about more details between the procedure.

We think every thing will be done best for our client, just trust each other, and enough support for each other, this is our business, we just help each other.

Hope can serve every client faithfully.