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Comments About Out DR Switching Power Supply From Client
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Our DR models are din rail type switching power supply, its design is all good for install, and because they can be install more flexible than other type, so very popular in these years.

And our LEYU company have more experience in producing din rail type models, so the quality is better and better these years, but we still received the comments from our client last week.

The client is very strict, he have talked more details before his order actually,like OEM ,and a little adjustment of our models, then he received his goods last week, then told us some details need to improve, and our boss have agreed his advice, also glad to adjust our model per his request.

Even the little gap on the model, the client advise that the gap should be shorten a little more, then the product looked more perfect ,although its quality is good now, but the outlook need to be changed better.

We need more comments from our client actually, so our boss received his advice, then promise will offer more free samples for him in his next formal order.