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Brief Introduction Of Power Supply
- Aug 03, 2018 -

      Switching power is a power source that uses modern power electronic technology to control the time ratio of switching and turn off, and maintains a stable output voltage. Switching power is usually composed of IC and MOSFET controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM). With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, switching power supply technology is constantly innovating. At present, switching power is widely used in almost all electronic devices with the features of small, light and high efficiency. It is an indispensable power mode for the rapid development of the electronic information industry.

       There are two kinds of modern switching power supply: one is DC switching power supply, the other is AC switching power supply.

这里主要介绍的只是直流开关电源,其功能是将电能质量较差的原生态电源(粗电),如市电电源或蓄电池电源,转换成满足设备要求的质量较高的直流电压(精电)。直流开关电源的核心是DC/DC转换器。因此直流开关电源的分类是依赖DC/DC转换器分类的。也就是说,直流开关电源的分类与DC/DC转换器的分类是基本相同的,DC/DC转换器的分类基本上就是直 流开关电源的分类。

         Here is the main introduction of DC switching power supply, its function is the poor quality of the original ecological power (coarse electricity), such as power supply or battery power, to meet the requirements of the equipment to meet the requirements of high quality DC voltage (precision). The core of the DC switching power supply is the DC/DC converter. Therefore, the classification of DC switching power supply is based on DC/DC converter. In other words, the classification of the DC switching power supply is basically the same as the classification of the DC/DC converter. The classification of the DC/DC converter is basically the classification of the DC switching power supply.