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600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Product Details

Model Number: OPIP

Origin: China (mainland)

Special Features:

  • Series overview:

    • Adopts frequency online interactive structur

    • Includes online interactive UPS and inverter of two categories of products, including 300W-5KW power range

    • Not only can it provide power supply protection for the office system, and can drive all kinds of household electric device, can be extended to outdoor type UPS used in harsh environment, for all types of base station of choosing products

  • Main features:

    • When AC power is normal, the inverter is under dormant status

    • The main power through the built-in voltage regulator (AVR) directly supplies power to the loads and its efficiency is as high as 90%.

    • When the main power is abnormal, the battery will supply power instead till low-voltage appeared and then UPS shut down

    • When the main power comes back, the UPS will start working automatically and it will charge the battery at the same time

    • No need to turn on the UPS manually

    • Takes multi-level protection mode of output, which could resist the impact effectively

    • Also with the short circuit protection function, which could enhance its reliability

    • Interactive structural design, low frequency type program, with superior shock resistance

    • To satisfy the demand for different type of load, this might be widely used in household, commercial, industrial, outdoor base station

    • Built-in smart charger, with top charge type (charging type of high current at the initial and balancing type and floating type alternating charging)

    • Shortens the battery charging time, extending the battery life and it is suitable to the areas of high rate power cut

    • Machine with CPU control, all the operational parameters of UPS are controlled by the CPU, ensuring the UPS is in the best working condition

    • Improves the accuracy of the product parameter, ensuring full compliance of product performance, the product failure rate is effectively reduced

    • Advanced all-digital control:

    • Intelligent charger:

    • Special protection method:

    • Well unattended function:

    • High efficiency and energy saving:

  • Applied scope:

    • Production equipment

    • Office automation

    • Electronic & telecom

    • Medical & education

    • Data center

    • Finance & securities

    • Industrial automatic control

    • Broadcasting & transport