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What is UPS? Its working principle and application scope have that?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

An uninterruptible power supply, UPS, is an energy-protection device that allows its load-carrying equipment to be unaffected by an external power system interruption over a period of time.

With the development of digital computer technology, the scope of its application has been gradually deepened to the industrial control, banking, power, military, financial, communications and other important departments, which also on the stability and reliability of the computer put forward more stringent requirements. UPS is to deal with the power system in the sudden blackout, voltage instability, power line clutter * and so on, to ensure that the computer system in the case of power supply problems can continue normal work.

UPS works like a reservoir. When the external power supply is normal, in addition to the normal load power supply, UPS will also convert some of the electrical energy into chemical energy stored; Once the external power suddenly interrupted supply, UPS will immediately start the inverter, the chemical energy quickly into the power supply to the load, to ensure the normal operation of the load equipment.