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Considerations for Power Inverter
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Power inverter in battery batteries, the battery voltage down to 9.5V, the power inverter will automatically shutdown to ensure that the car can start normally, the battery will not be damaged.

Power Inverter is an internal set of electronic circuit, the automatic realization of battery protection function. Power inverter Use, if there is downtime and alarm phenomenon, to check the following:

1 The power of the electrical drive exceeds the rated power value of the inverter.

2 power inverter and battery and electrical connection is good.

3 The use of the process of downtime, whether the temperature alarm, at this time to stop for a while to continue to use

Use power inverter to pay attention to the battery power supply voltage value, and read the instructions before use.

For the inverter power to be resolved, in extreme cases even when the rated power use may occur overheating or even burned the occasional situation. Because the car power inverter because of the power nominal value of the test conditions and personal safety issues after the sale of the market and the pre-sale market has not been unified, many manufacturers use fuzzy power conditions, so that consumers have been some confusion even if the same nominal price of the product is also a large difference, the product needs to identify whether the period is in line with national industry standards. Therefore, in the Ministry of Work (2012) 68th, the standard of the inverter is recommended to carry out national expert standard-setting plan, the standard in the Ministry of 2012-0120T-QC and the gas Standard Committee number. January 2015 National 47 experts and 20 industry personnel to attend the final decision on the standard, April 2016 work signal 17th documents have been published standard QC 1036-2016.